Testimonials of inspiring women

Nothing equals the sensation of luxury against the skin that we experience with silk. All the great Haute Couture houses, from Chanel to St-Laurent, or Givenchy have used this noble fabric to seduce their clients. I feel the same pleasure wearing an Elsoa blouse. Simple and beautiful in many colors, I wear them as often to work as I do for a more relaxed evening out. I love their versatility and easy maintenance.
- The Honourable Liza Frulla, P.C, O.Q, General Director of the ITHQ















Elsoa's silk blouses are fabulous for any event. I always get compliments and their comfort and softness give me a sense of confidence. They are like a second skin! I have four of them in my wardrobe and I consider them my foundation pieces. I wear them just as often with jeans as I do with a tailored pair of pants.
- Michèle Bazin, President of the Board Dr Ronald Denis Foundation



Since the very beginning of my career in real estate, each time I meet a new client, sign a new listing or close a sale, I wear an Elsoa silk blouse. These silk blouses are truly comfortable and make me feel confident, no matter what day lies ahead. Thank you Elsoa, for dressing me in such an elegant fashion. 
- Sylvie Ménard, Real Estate Agent

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